Writing scale from The Pocket Muse

    color starters

          Just like musicians believe in practicing scales as a way of preparing, staying in tune with the music, and connecting to something familiar, I’m a firm believer that writers can get going and create new work, even when they feel blocked, by using a writing scale, or prompt. I call them starters, and I get them from everywhere–other people’s writing, writing prompt books, newspaper headlines–anything to get the pen and ideas flowing.

Here’s one from The Pocket Muse, by Monica Wood:

Someone has left a note on a car windshield.

Try this:

There could be many reasons for the note. A hit-and-run accident where the driver HAD to leave before the owner of the car returned. A love-struck secret admirer. A stalker who adds: I’ve decided to make you my next victim.

Whatever idea you choose to go with, or whatever you come up with yourself, write the scene where these two people eventually MEET!

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