5 days until SIWC…so here’s a 5-point plan for NANOWRIMO

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Our countdown to the best writing conference in North America–SIWC–continues….It’s only five short days away, so here is a quick, 5-point plan for some of the madness that comes in the next month during NANOWRIMO. When you’re planning a novel, here’s a quick way to think about it:

1. One-sentence NY Times Bestseller line. The one-sentence description for your book you could use when it makes it big!

2. Back cover blurb. A short description of that book in your head, with hooks to grab reader interest.

3. Character outlines–flesh out your characters so that you’ll know how they’ll behave in any situation.

4. Short synopsis. A one-page document that lists the three main sections (BME—beginning, middle, end) of your book, and details about your story that will spark reader interest.

5. List of scenes, from the beginning to the end of your novel. Even though you may stray from this plan, as better ideas come to you during the writing process, it’s good to have this list anyway, since you can insert details and hints earlier that may help explain later elements. At the very least, know where you start and where you finish. The WAY you get there may change, but at least you’ll have those two guideposts to keep you going the right direction.

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