SIWC Countdown: 2 days: 2 ideas to keep in mind during the conference !

2 Days Away: 2 Ideas to Keep in Mind !


Okay, we are getting super close to conference time. The excitement is building and the nerves are jangling. There’s a good chance we get swept up in the three days and then, in the blink of an eye, it’s over, and we’re looking back wondering, What just happened?

So BEFORE the conference, there are two thoughts to keep in mind, two ideas to cycle through your thoughts:

  1. No regrets: No “I should have…I could have….” During the conference, talk to that person. Show that piece of paper with your words on it to someone. Otherwise, it will be a long 365 days until you get your next opportunity at SIWC.
  2. Don’t get overwhelmed. When you take in a session, take notes, but think, What is the most valuable idea I got from what I heard and how can I take advantage of it? Acting on the information is key. Go into a session, blue pencil, or pitch thinking If I only get ONE key idea out of this bit of time, it will have been worth it, and then focus on finding that kernel of information that will make a difference to you and to your writing.  

And, by all means, remember to share YOUR ideas with others as well. It will make the conference even more valuable, and you’ll feel like you’ve not only been taking in but also giving back. As the pic at the top shows, if you share an idea and I share an idea, we EACH have two ideas. Priceless!


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