Nanowrimo reminder–courtesy of Mary E. Pearson, on Twitter!


(instead of tiring, editing the same words over and over)


          I love how straightforward this button makes the process seem. Don’t worry if you have to go back and fix a few things–that’s what editing is for…AFTER you have a completed manuscript. Let me show you…

The former me: Type a paragraph or two out. Loop back to read paragraphs that lead into the part I just wrote, and edit the heck out of it. Write a few more paragraphs…then start the next day by reading and editing everything I’d written to that point.

The new me: Bang out a first draft, even if I have to put notes in it, as I go along, about things I might change when I rewrite. This keeps the flow going forward, which I think is important. Keep the momentum so the story doesn’t sound choppy in the end.

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