Nanowrimo: The Final Week? And I’m Stuck? What can I do?


          So it’s the final week of Nanowrimo, and you find you’re stuck. I mean STUCK…like…


STUCK like…


but really, more like…



Try a few of the following on for size…

  1. Did you leave any gaps? Any chapters unfinished? Go back and flesh them out!
  2. The beginning of a book can include more description, especially since the action will pick up the pace later. Can you add to the imagery at the beginning of the book or the beginning of a chapter? Think of which senses make the most sense and then add in details that will make word pictures for your readers.
  3. Write an alternate beginning or an alternate ending. You might surprise yourself with what you come up with. Don’t delete anything…just add. Remember, editing comes AFTER Nano.
  4. Did you run out of story? Maybe you started with a very severe conflict and it had nowhere to go in order to create suspense. Are there smaller problems you can work in that might lead up to the main conflict?
  5. Can you make a conflict even worse in some way before resolving it?
  6. Is there a subplot you can add? A love interest? A stranger appearing from the protagonist’s past? One with a secret?
  7. If you only have half the 50 000 and you’re out of story, go back to the beginning and tell the same story from ANOTHER character’s point of view. You can decide later if there’s a way to blend the two versions, or the second version may just take off and be even more interesting…

…and by all means, let me know if any of these ideas worked for you, or if you have OTHER ideas now that might just help people in the same predicament!

In this last week, you really need to… FIGHT TO WRITE!

Hang in there,



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